Digital Bluetooth Anemometer Handheld – Product Description

Digital Bluetooth Anemometer Handheld

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable tool to measure wind speed and temperature? Look no further! Introducing the Digital Bluetooth Anemometer Handheld, the ultimate companion for all your outdoor adventures.

Key Features

Wireless Connectivity

The AP-007-APP Anemometer utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the companion app and enjoy real-time wind speed and temperature readings on your device.

Accurate Measurements

With its advanced sensors, this handheld anemometer provides precise wind speed and temperature measurements. Whether you’re shooting, sailing, flying, climbing, or cycling, you can rely on this device to give you accurate data.

Backlit Display

Don’t let low light conditions hinder your outdoor activities. The Digital Bluetooth Anemometer Handheld features a backlit display, ensuring clear visibility even in dimly lit environments.

Max/Min/Average Readings

Keep track of the wind conditions with the maximum, minimum, and average readings. This feature allows you to analyze the wind patterns and make informed decisions based on the data.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the anemometer waterproof?

No, the Digital Bluetooth Anemometer Handheld is not waterproof. It is recommended to use it in dry conditions and avoid exposing it to water.

2. Can I use this anemometer for professional weather forecasting?

While the AP-007-APP Anemometer provides accurate measurements, it is designed for personal use and outdoor activities. For professional weather forecasting, we recommend using specialized equipment.

3. How far can the Bluetooth connection reach?

The Bluetooth connection has a range of approximately 30 meters (98 feet) in an open area. However, the range may vary depending on obstacles and interference.


The Digital Bluetooth Anemometer Handheld is a must-have tool for outdoor enthusiasts. Its wireless connectivity, accurate measurements, backlit display, and additional features make it the perfect companion for shooting, sailing, flying, climbing, and cycling. Don’t let unpredictable wind conditions ruin your outdoor adventures – equip yourself with the Digital Bluetooth Anemometer Handheld and stay one step ahead!

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